Real Estate – Before and After Second Floor Addition


If you need to have an additional room to accommodate increasing space needs, then second floor addition can be an amazing option. Second floor addition can maximize your views and can provide space for a home office or rental space. A second floor addition can complement your home’s decor in a stylish manner.

The first thing that you need to understand is if an addition of the second floor is legal or not for your building. In USA, the maximum height of building is restricted by law. So it is very necessary to check with your local planning department to see if height restrictions are according to your growth plans.

In some communities, there are laws related to solar radiations that can affect a second- or third-story addition if it will reduce the amount of sunrays falling on a neighbor’s property. Second floor addition is also restricted if it is intended to use as a separate rental space or for commercial purposes.


Second-floor room addition is not an easy task and for a successful implementation of your project, good job planning and coordination is very important. Size of the existing foundation is a critical factor to keep in account before second-floor addition. The existing foundation should be inspected by the local building inspector, architect, or foundation contractor to check if the foundation can support a second floor.

There are risks of damage to the first floor ceilings and walls associated with the second floor addition. Ceilings frequently are cracked while the second floor is being constructed. Sometimes, the homeowners need to shift elsewhere temporarily, as it becomes impossible to live in the home while the roof is replaced with another level. All these issues may sound like impossible tasks, but with a little help from an architect, or a skilled contractor, you can get a second floor in your home. Expanding upwards is one of the best options to get an extra space in your home.

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