Re-laminating Kitchen Countertops


Re-Laminating KitchenKitchen remodeling forms an intrinsic part of any large-scale home remodel projects that you might wish to undertake. If your kitchen appears old and outdated, does not match the overall home décor, or if you simply wish to give your kitchen a brand new look, kitchen remodeling jobs should be opted for. In the kitchen, countertops need to be remodeled from time to time. Kitchen countertops are generally laminated, which tends to get damaged after a certain period of time. Instead of purchasing brand new expensive countertops every time, you can easily re-laminate a kitchen countertop that is in need for a remodel.

For proper re-lamination of a kitchen countertop, you need to be sure of the exact dimensions of the former. That would help you in using laminating sheets of the correct size. The lamination plastics used in countertops are generally available in sizes of 5’ and 10’. They have to be cut into shapes that would be ideal for the countertops in a kitchen remodeling job.

Apart from the laminating sheets, you would need several other things for the re-lamination of kitchen countertops. These necessary items for lamination include sandpaper, several relatively thin wood pieces (dowels of small sizes would do just as well), contact cement and a few rolling pins (or, a roller). The wood pieces to be used should ideally exceed the width of the countertops of your kitchen.

Before attaching to the kitchen countertop, the laminating plastics have to be properly trimmed into size. For this purpose, generally, utility knives or saws with fine teeth are used. You can get hold of either of the above instruments at any good local hardware store easily. Once the lamination sheets are ready, sandpaper has to be should be spread on the countertop, before applying the contact cement on it. The surface of the countertop becomes rugged due to the application of sand, thereby helping the cement to hold on to the surface.

An expert kitchen remodeling expert would like to re-laminate a kitchen countertop in such a way so that the latter do not get damaged easily. Thus, the contact cement (which serves as the attaching glue) should be put both on the surface of the countertop as well as the lower surface of the laminating sheet. After some time has been allowed to elapse (so that the glue can take effect) the sheet then needs to be put on the countertop carefully. This process can be a bit tricky, so you should ideally have someone helping you in this job.

Lamination sheets that can be used on countertops vary widely in their prices. The cost of these sheets is determined mainly by the quality, texture, color, design and the brand of the former. Depending on all these factors, the laminating sheets can be obtained at prices ranging from as low as $ 3 to a high of around $ 100.

Re-laminating kitchen countertops form an important component of the overall kitchen remodeling job. You need to decide upon the type of the laminating sheet that you wish to use, and then cut the same after measuring the size of your countertop. Instead of frequently having to purchase new countertops, re-laminate the existing ones, and lend them a fresh, gleaming appearance.

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